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28 Feb 2021 15:05:11 UTC
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Link Opener
The"", "_blanc", "noopener"); attribute should always be added to the function, which open a site in a new tab, to reduce the risk of reverse tabnabbing. Otherwise javascript on the new page has full control over the previous visited page, including permission to change the DOM object and possibly steal session cookies.
Link Referrer
The"", "_blanc", "referrer"); attribute should always be added to the function to prevent reverse tabnabbing for older browser, which do not support the noopener attribute and to prevent phishing attacks.
Comments should be removed from the public code of a web application, since it can give an aggressor critical insights into the inner structure of the program. By using this information, the attacker could easier understand how the user session is handled by javascript or figure out the pathway data is sent to the server.
Enabled Debugging
The JavaScript debugging functions should always removed after development stage, because they could expose informations on the inner workings of the code. In production, it is a loophole and could show a possible attacker where to find possibly exploitable vulnerabilities or interesting variables.
Unsafe Functions
eval() is eval! This functions and similar ones (document.write(), document.writeln(), element.innerHTML, element.outerHTML, element.insertAdjacentHTML()) should never be used in production stage of a website, because the parsing of the executable string is often not secure and result therefore often in a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Instead of these functions create html elements by script and add it to the DOM object.